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Supplying Sod for DIY and Contractors

Sod for DIY – Skip the Seed and Sod Instead!

Don’t waste your summer waiting for poor results – nothing is more satisfying than turning a rough, spotty yard into a thick green carpet in a day. Sod for DIY is the ideal solution to brighten up a dull yard before a summer or fall event such as a graduation party, wedding or reception, retirement party, family reunion, or baby shower. Install sod yourself using our handy installation guides or let us install sod for you. We have extensive experience in the turf grass industry and we are happy to help you with your next project. For homeowners and landscaping contractors, we offer sod sales to customers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont.

Sod Types

New England Pro Greens and Turf offers two varieties of traditional grass sod: Bluegrass Blend and Tall Fescue. Bluegrass Blend sod is 60% Bluegrass and 40% Fescue. This type of sod offers better drought and shade tolerance than Bluegrass alone and is recommended for higher traffic areas. Tall Fescue sod is slightly more drought tolerant and shade tolerant than Bluegrass but has a coarser texture. It adapts well to low traffic areas and partial shade. Both types of sod are ideal for installation in New England.

Before you place a sod order for DIY installation, take advantage of our Square Footage Calculator and Installation Guides. Written instructions are available to help you prepare and measure your site, choose your grass, complete the installation, and maintain your new natural sod lawn for optimal results. If you find that you still have unanswered questions, or get stuck during any step in the sod installation process, we are only a phone call away.

Proper care and maintenance is essential for healthy growth of your new sod lawn. Download our care and maintenance guide for advice on watering, mowing, and fertilization.

Have questions about DIY sod? Call us at 888-934-5999 for more information or to place an order and schedule delivery.

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Have you considered Native Sod?

lowbush blueberry native sod for sunny areas of your landscape
Lowbush Blueberry Native Sod
huckleberry native sod will grow in full sun or part sun in your landscape
Huckleberry Native Sod
hay scented fern native sod is an excellent choice for a shady wooded landscape
Hay Scented Fern Native Sod
haircap moss native sod prefers a damp and shady location in the landscape
Haircap Moss Native Sod
bunchberry native sod requires acidic soil and grows best in part to full shade areas of the landscape - also known as creeping dogwood
Bunchberry Native Sod
interrupted fern native sod has spore bearing leaflets that interrupt the broad fronds of the plant
Interrupted Fern Native Sod

Choose native sod for color, texture, sustainability, and erosion control. Shown above are a selection of the native sods we supply, including Lowbush Blueberry, Huckleberry, Hay-Scented Fern, Haircap Moss, Bunchberry, and Interrupted Fern. Several of these will grow in partially shaded areas, but Lowbush Blueberry prefers more sun. These native plants also add a touch of the forest to your lawn. Landscaping with native sod is the perfect choice for a natural, woodland look.

Other Great Services

professional expert sod installation on commercial and residential property

Commercial & Residential

Retail sites – Office complexes – Resorts – Schools – Municipal parks – Residential lawns

athletic soccer field with professionally installed sod

Athletic Fields

Soccer fields – Baseball fields – Pitcher’s mounds – Football fields – Repair or replacement

Golf Courses

Turf repair – Turf replacement – Tees – Greens – Fairways – Bunkers – Sod stripping and replacement

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