native haircap moss in a planting area with rocks
Haircap Moss native sod with rocks
close up image of native haircap moss needle like foliage
Native Haircap Moss needle like foliage
haircap moss native sod used between flagstone or slate paver stones
Haircap Moss native sod in a walkway

Native Sod: Haircap Moss

Polytrichum commune

In spite of its needle-like appearance, native haircap moss is soft to the touch. It thrives in compacted and poorly drained soil, since it has no true root system. As a result, it’s ideal for moist woodland, boggy areas, and stream banks.

Haircap moss native sod is an ideal ground cover to use in shady areas around the base of trees or shrubs, or between pavers in a walkway or patio area. Regardless of how you choose to use it in your landscape, be sure to select a damp area with moderate shade for best results.

About Haircap Moss Native Sod

Because native haircap moss prefers acidic soil that’s also rich in iron, you should amend your soil with additional iron if needed. This versatile native sod is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 2 through 15, so keep your zone in mind.

In addition to choosing a damp, shady location for planting, be sure to keep your haircap moss free of fallen leaves, twigs, and weeds. Doing so will help prevent browning. Clear out the debris with a rake or leaf blower once in spring, once in summer, and twice in fall in order to combat the increased leaf litter.

Native haircap moss requires very little if any fertilizer. Actually, fertilizer may tend to burn moss and encourage weed growth. Rather than fertilizing, pay close attention to the pH of the soil. Maintain an acidic soil with a pH of 4.5 to 6.0. You can use a soil acidifier such as powdered sulfur to bring down the pH, which will also discourage weeds and grasses from growing in your haircap moss.

Haircap moss native sod is sold by the square foot and each piece measures approximately 16″ x 24″. Whether you’re a landscape architect, contractor, or homeowner, New England Pro Greens and Turf can supply native haircap moss sod for you to install. If you aren’t able to install it yourself, then we can install it for you! Call us at 888-934-5999 for further information or to place an order.

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