close up image of sod grass for DIY

How Much Sod Do You Need?

Use our square foot calculator to determine how much sod you need to order. If the area in which you need to install sod is an irregular shape, try to break it down into several smaller geometric shapes to take the measurements. For example, a front yard broken up by an angled driveway could be broken down into a square or rectangular shape plus a triangle.

square foot calculator image of rectangle
Square or Rectangle

Length (feet)

Width (feet)

Total Area (Square feet)

square foot calculator image of circle

Diameter (feet)

Total Area (Square feet)

square foot calculator image of triangle
Triangle (that includes a right or 90° angle)
Measure the length of the two sides that meet at the right angle

Side one (feet)

Side two (feet)

Total Area (Square feet)

Now that you know the square footage you’ll need, read through our installation guide to determine whether you want to install sod yourself or have us install it for you. Call us at 888-934-5999 to order sod or request a sod installation estimate. Or fill out our quote request form.

image of lowbush blueberry native sod for natural landscaping

Looking for something different to add to your landscape? Consider native sod instead of or in addition to traditional turfgrass.

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