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Add Color and Texture to Your Landscape with Native Sod!

Landscape with native sod and add natural beauty to your existing landscape. We offer Lowbush Blueberry, Hay-Scented Ferns, Bunchberry, Haircap Moss, and Huckleberry sods. We also offer Cinnamon Ferns, Interrupted Ferns, and Ostrich Ferns.

You can use berries, ferns, and moss as border plants. Or accent retaining walls, stairwells, patios, and other hardscapes with plantings. You can even make native sod the main attraction in your landscape. Enhance your property with a low maintenance ground cover that you will enjoy for years to come.

Most native sod is sold by the square foot and each piece measures approximately 16″ x 24″. However, Cinnamon Fern, Interrupted Fern, and Ostrich Fern are sold by the clump. These are mature ferns that will spread after planting. Unlike the other native sods, clumps should be planted with space between them, approximately 2.5′ to 3′ on center. So plan on each clump eventually spreading to fill five to eight square feet. Actual size of the clumps will vary, but the typical size is about 12″ x 12″.

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image of lowbush blueberry native sod for natural landscaping
image of haircap moss
image of bunchberry plants
image of hay scented fern native sod for natural landscaping
image of huckleberry plants

Shown above are Lowbush Blueberry, Haircap Moss, Bunchberry, Hay-Scented Fern, and Huckleberry native sods. Several of these will grow in partially shaded areas, but Lowbush Blueberry prefers more sun. These native plants also add a touch of the forest to your lawn. Landscaping with native sod is the perfect choice for a natural, woodland look.

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